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the first boss is confusing me, I can do it ok until he does the fast sword all the way across the top, I cant dodge it!

Edit: Ohhh I had to run all the way to the edge, my bad.


Undertale, but with platforming, numbers, and bad puns. would be really cool if this could be turned into a full game. 10/10 (except the puns. they caused me some pun-demonium


I liked this game a lot. Very well made and the boss fights felt very tight. I'd love to see an expanded version of this. 10/10.


funny short game

I would like a Mac version or you could even remake this in GBStudio!

For mac, you can play the HTML5 version on google chrome, it will work fine!

Will it work in Safari? I don’t use Google chrome because it’s bad to have one browser that controls the internet

I’ll test to see if it works in safari


I tested it and it works! This game is great. I love pretty much everything about it. Tons of personality in the world and the characters, a fun game style, and I like the unique battle system


Hi, Win 10 said "Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.".

Also, which engine did you use to make this game?


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You can try to play the browser version! 

It's made with unity but the starting Unity screen is bugged so it starts without the Unity screen page.


The game is amazing. Boss fights are really well designed. I would like to have a game made just of sequecne of such boss fights


Review Time!

Right off the bat, this game is extremely charming and pretty to look at! The graphics are simple, but quite memorable, and the character designs vary from adorable to hilarious!

The platforming was way too simple for my liking, but it's certainly serviceable, considering the length of the game. And the game controls very well in spite of that!

The combat was pretty fun too. I'm a fan of Deltarune, so playing something inspired by Undertale was pretty fun.

If I were to criticize it in any way, it would be that I was hoping the game explored its original mechanics further, like the collectable double jump. But the game is perfectly fine as it is. Not very replayable, but as I've mentioned before, very charming.



I decided to limit the difficulty level in order to keep the game short enough for a game jam and avoid having anyone spend a lot of time in combat because of the difficulty, as it can be quite hard if you have to try out a bunch of games.