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Really impressed by your game, love the artwork! Think you would be a great fit for the Italian game jam we are hosting. If you are interested you can check it out here:

Keep up the good work!

Firt I thought Rex was the killer, then I thought it was the cat since he was the most calm when he saw a ghost and knows where everything is. but the ending was unexpected since I got convinced that the word "killed" must be used at the end

Spoiler Alert!!! Minimal :p

WHOAAAAAA could you give me a roundabout on the "ghost"?

They are a ghost

nothing else


no "ghost of raspberry thingie"

or "I am a raspberry"

THERE IS NO WAY YOU MADE THIS IN 10 DAYS! Amazing. Great art and everything. I couldn't do anything like this in a year.


Amazing! Realy cool game! I will share it to mi friends! :)

Thank you, I appreciate it!